Sometimes an outsider see things more clearly...

Blast optimization

"You can manage what you can measure."

Blastershouse offers professional services for all mining companies and blasting contractors who appreciate safety and quality related in:

  • Site auditions
  • Blast fragmentation and wall stability control
  • Hi-speed video recording and analysis
  • VOD-measuring, hole deviations
  • Blast optimization and continuous improvement
  • Usage of explosives and firing devices

Co-operation with top companies:

Regulatory affairs

"There is a legislation for this... but where?"

Manufacturing, transportation, storage and usage of explosives and dangerous chemicals is strictly regulated by legislation. 

  • Explosive storage licensing and permits
  • Risk analysis and emergency plans
  • Memu`s and charging units
  • Production plants
  • Enviromental 

Long experience, good co-operation with authorities ja up-to-date knowledge ensures fast process of licensing and produce safe solutions. 

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